Our pledge and promise:
Produce linerboard (paper) and coating solutions with
100% recycled material

Liberty Paper is one of the largest recyclers of corrugated material in the Midwest! Our state-of-the-art mill creates new linerboard (paper) for packaging by recycling old corrugated containers.

               255,000 tons
          of recycled linerboard (paper)
                         created each year

                275,000 tons
              of old corrugated kept out of
                      landfills each year

                    sustainable process
                           every day!

Simple to complex coating solutions from
Dreamworks innovators

With significant experience, Dreamworks technical experts change and create a wide range of protective and enhanced coating combinations for paper, packaging, and print marketing.
  • Functional coated products for the industrial & food packaging markets
  • Full-width color coatings
  • Project development to meet variety of needs