Innovative corrugated plastic solutions
engineered to protect, store
and transport goods

Liberty Plastics is the oldest and largest high-density polyethylene (HDPE) manufacturer in the United States. Using our expert knowledge, formulations and technology, we strive to solve our customers' most significant challenges to reduce waste, weight, damage and overall costs. By providing custom plastic solutions that are reusable and recyclable and far superior in durability compared to other materials; we help companies drive competitive advantages, save valuable resources and reduce costs. Serving a wide array of industries, Liberty Plastics capabilities and proprietary substrates truly set us apart as a leading manufacturer of corrugated plastic.

Innovative solutions providing
beautiful and functional roofs!

Quarrix Building Products provides durable and dependable roof and wall ventilation products, roofing accessories and composite tile. For over thirty years, the complete line-up of Quarrix products allows architects, contractors and homeowners to provide the proper air ventilation and moisture protection while achieving a beautiful roof and home.
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